Art Tokenization

Art Tokenization within Regulatory Framework


Commercial Gallery Tokenization

  • Ownership in  Fractional
  • Confirmed Reasoning
  • Accordant and Safe

Single Art Tokenization

  • Own a legacy
  • Validated Reasoning
  • Safe and Compliant

Trophy Art Tokenizationdio

  • A single wallet
  • Well-Informed Choices
  • Optimise Value

Art Tokenization Platform

A Customized all-inclusive platform for token issuance backed by paintings intended for the gallery sector. Issuers can tokenize their single trophy paintings or commercial galleries via the platform. Becoming a "Tokenization as a Service" provider as an issuance company will allow you to provide tokens on Ethereum, Hyper Ledger, or Stellar.

Automated Legal and Regulations
Multi-Ledger Art Tokens Development
Non-Fungible Tokens

Art Tokenization Strategy

At Arc web solutions, our team of Legal, Financial, and Blockchain Consultants, combined with art enthusiasts who make sure the tokens are compliant with the law, simplify the legal and practical concerns.


Strategic Checklist

  • Token Structure
  • Securities Regulations
  • Art to Tokens Ratio
  • International Fundraising
  • Smart Contracts
  • Corporate Code
  • Investor Traceability
  • Legal Frameworks